Family Dog 1

Prerequisites: Dog's age 5 months older at start of class. Proof of DHPP and Rabies are required to attend class. Bring proof of vaccinations to the 1st class.

In the Family Dog 1 course, students learn how to teach their dog basic behaviors such as sit, down, stand, stay/wait, loose leash walking, leave it and come. Common behavior  problems such as jumping up, nuisance barking, and inappropriate play biting are discussed. Emphasis is placed on enhancing the bond between dog and owner and helping each dog become thoroughly integrated into family life, able to calmly and safely participate in activities such as going to restaurants, walking in crowds, and attending

family gatherings.


Equipment required: 6 foot leash and collar (flat-buckle, martingale or leather).

Bring your dog the first night. Class time 50 minutes. No prerequisite. Maximum # of students is 10.

Register for this class via the Lafayette Community Center website. 

Next class starts Tuesday, April 13, 2021 6:00 PM at the Lafayette Community Center. 

If 6:00 PM class is full a 2nd class will be held at 7:00 PM. 

Mt. Diable Dog Training Club, Inc. is a licensed club of the AKC.


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