Cindy Sarmiento

Dogs have been a passion of mine since I was a young child, being raised with them all of my life in the Bay Area/Northern California.

I started training my own dogs when I was 12 years old through training books at my local library, before computers. My 1st dog was a Boxer/German Shepherd mix. He was my constant companion for 10 years. Since then, I have raised & trained my own dogs including a Siberian Husky, a German Shepherd, a Boxer mix, and a German Shepherd, Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog mix. All of them rescues.

In 1999, I became an Assistant Dog Trainer for a well-known Dog Trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area. That started my love and passion for helping others to train their dogs by using positive reinforcement training by encouraging the dogs good “wanted” behavior by rewarding them when they did something right with treats and rewards.

Throughout the years, I have continued taking dog training classes, online classes, webinars, and seminars, reading books to strengthen my knowledge in dogs and using reward-based training. As I retired as a Custom Dance Competition costumer after 35 years, I knew where passion had led me. It was to become a dog trainer to help their owners realize the joy and companionship their pet can bring.

Currently, I am a member and serve on the Board of Directors at the Mt. Diablo Dog Training Club. In January 2021, I became their Treasurer. I have also volunteered at a few of their matches, learning even more.

At Mt. Diablo Dog Training Club, I am the Tricks, Agility & More Instructor & currently the Family Dog 2 Instructor. I assist in Family Dog 1 classes, also. Consistent with the MDDTC training policies, I utilize positive reward-based training methods while teaching my classes.

I rescued my current dog, Zoee, a German Shepherd, Border Collie, American Cattle Dog Mix a few years back from certain death. She came with extreme fear reactivity to anything that moved. Through patience, lots of tears, research, love, and understanding, I am proud to say, she is the best companion that I have ever had. We have a bond like no other. Her reactivity, a thing of the past. Zoee is registered with AKC Canine Partners, NASDA, NACSW, & Barn Hunt Assoc.

We are currently training and competing in Barn Hunt, Nose work (Scent Work), Rally, Tricks, Urban Locating, & Lost Item Recovery.

Zoee currently holds Titles in: 

AKC Tricks-Advanced
AKC Virtual Home Manners 

AKC Rally Novice

Has Legs towards: AKC Handler Discrimination, Novice 

                                      AKC Rally Intermediate 

NASDA: Virtual Lost Item Recovery Title – Level 1 

Has Legs towards: Urban Locating, Level 1
                                      Lost Item Recovery, Level 1
                                      Virtual Lost Item Recovery, Level 2