Scent Work

Prerequisites: Proof of DLPP and Rabies vaccines/titers are required to attend class. Dogs must be a minimum of 5 months (20 weeks) of age.


There is a 6 dog limit per class, pre-registration required. Requires 3 dogs minimum to hold a class. Due to the popularity of our classes, we sometimes have to adjust the schedule and class offerings, please work with us and understand we are trying to make sure everyone gets into classes, but we can not guarantee there will not be changes in start times.


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Each dog will work at its respective level and receive hunts that are appropriate for them. 

Nose Work/ScentWork

K9 Nose Work/ScentWork can be a fun activity for you and your dog and/or a competitive sport with titles. It builds confidence in shy dogs and, since only 1 dog works at a time, allows reactive dogs to focus and be successful. Serious brainwork coupled with low physical demands make it ideal for recovering or aging dogs. In this 6-week class, dogs learn to search various elements: containers, interiors, exteriors, vehicles, human scent and buried. They are encouraged to work independently, without direction or cues from their handlers. Handlers learn to observe their dogs’ body language and understand the difference between “on scent” and “at source.” As dogs progress from boxes to containers to environmental hides, inside and outside and on vehicles, they learn to search the whole area, high and low, close and distant, and their drive to find the hide increases.

Dogs start out with paired bait (food + odor, on cotton swabs) and gradually move to odor alone. Since self-reward from the food part of the hide becomes less frequent, dogs begin to signal the handler when they make a find, and handlers learn to distinguish the dog’s “Hmmmm, this is really interesting” from “Here it is!”  Handlers periodically test their dog-reading skills with blind hides, where they have no idea where the bait is, and dogs become more precise on source indication.  

Elements and details of the following Nose Work/Scent Work organizations are taught across the multiple sessions.​

Actual start times may vary depending upon number of students in any given class.


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Scent work supplies can be purchased at the following sites. Supplies are not required for taking a class, only for doing  your own practices and hunts:



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