Novice 1

Prerequisites: Age 5 months and above at start of class. Proof of DHPP and Rabies are required to attend class.


The Novice 1 course builds upon the basic skills learned in the Beginner's course and introduces more precision, better handling skills, while adding new elements such as: finishes, stand for exam, figure eights and added mild distractions. This class is for the pet owner that wants to learn more and have better control on their pet as well as those thinking about Obedience or Rally competitions. There is a 6 dog limit per class.


Cost - $120.00 for a 7 week class that meets one day a week for 45 minutes.
Drop-in: $20.00/dog 


Pick the class that meets your scheduling needs:

Tuesday 10:00 AM, Tuesday 7:30 PM, or Saturday 11:00 AM 

Start Date & Time       Instructor 

July session times are different. Click here for July information

Tue 9/15 10:00 AM Loretta Delinger

Tue 9/15  7:30 PM Linda Bianco

Sat 9/5  11:00 AM Roxayn King 

Tue 11/3 10:00 AM Loretta Delinger

Tue 11/3  7:30 PM Linda Bianco

Sat 10/3 11:00 AM Sue Cone

1027 Detroit Ave, Suite A

Concord CA 94518

Mt. Diable Dog Training Club, Inc. is a licensed club of the AKC.