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2024 Classes are offered at the MDDTC Martinez Training Center 

MDDTC Classes at MDDTC Martinez Training Center

 classes are held at 730 Las Juntas St, Martinez, CA

MDDTC is proud to announce that we have switched over to an online registration and payment system for our classes that are being given at the MDDTC Training Center. You will need an account on our new system to register for the classes held at this location. Only on-line registrations will be taken for the classes, no emails, mail in, phone or in person registration or payment will be taken.

Please be patient with us as we handle your registrations in the new on-line registration.

Session Start Dates ranges and On-line Registration opening date ranges are listed below.

If upcoming classes are listed as "Closed" it is because it has not opened for registration yet.

A class marked  FULL has no further openings.

To view class details, availability and to Register Click Here 

Session #
Session Start Date
On-line Registration Open Date Range
Class type
6/19/24 -6/26/24
Open for registration
5 & 7 Wk
8/24/24 - 8/30/24
7/12 - 7/14
5 & 7 Wk
10/16/24 - 10/22/24
8/30 - 9/1
5 & 7 Wk
Open for registration
Rally 4 Wk
7/26 - 7/28
Rally 4 Wk
9/13 - 9/15
Rally 4 Wk
Open for Registration
Rally 4 Wk
Rally Run Through (RT) and What The Judge Sees Run Throughs will open at the beginning of the month prior to the month of the actual RT dates.
(ex. If RT is in May, registration will open in April.)

Helpful Hints for Classes at MDDTC Training Center:


  1. Future classes marked as “CLOSED” will open for registration about 6 weeks before the start date.

  2. If you accidentally enroll in the wrong class, please contact us via email or phone, as we can transfer you manually, without you having to register again for the correct class.

  3. To register for classes, create your account and add your dog(s) to the MDDTC online registration system for classes.

  4. Full Payment for the class is required at the time of registration for your class(es).

  5. If a class is listed as “FULL” and you would like to be added to a wait list do the following:

    1. Create your account and add your dog(s) to the online registration system.

    2. Call the Club phone at (925) 933-8774 and leave a message that you would like to be added to a waitlist. Make sure to include your full name, dog name, class start date & time.

    3. We will contact you with payment information if a spot becomes available and email you on how to pay for class.

  6. If you have questions about how to register call or email us.

  7. If you need to drop from a class, please contact MDDTC via email at


In the upper right hand corner of the Available Classes page you can use the icon with the ?= to email us.


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