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SueCone with her sheltie

Harriet Tucker

I have been training and competing with my Brittanys in Obedience since 1996, and in Rally since its inception. Teaching has been my lifelong passion.

I received my Master’s Degree in French and taught French in Junior High School. I then taught Women’s Studies to adults. Prior to teaching the dog sports of Obedience and Rally I taught Horseback Riding to children and adults.

I am a member of 4 Bay Area Obedience clubs: Mount Diablo

DTC, Oakland DTC, San Mateo DTC, and Vallejo DTC. I currently teach Obedience and/or Rally for 3 of these clubs. I have conducted Obedience, Rally and Canine Freestyle workshops for my breed club.

I love teaching and helping others to achieve their goals, no matter what the discipline. I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement and I encourage my students to use verbal and physical rewards, as well as treats and toys, in their training.

I have put CDX Obedience titles on two of my Brittanys, a CD title on one, and BN titles on two. In Rally, I have put RAE titles on two of my Brittanys and RAE4 on one. I have competed at the Rally Nationals three times. I competed with my older Brittany at the RAE level in 2013 and 2016, and with my younger Brittany at the Intermediate level in 2019.

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